Legal Services specifically designed for SMEs

Welcome to the digital home of Winkel Law (Zürich)

The name „Winkel“ is associated with the office location in Winkel (Zurich) – a small community just minutes away from the Zurich international airport –  home to many Swiss airline pilots. 

Winkel Law offers a „Legal Counsel“ („LC“) program designed to address the specific needs of small and medium size entreprises (SMEs) for legal services. SMEs participating in this program not only benefit from the longstanding experience of Oliver J. Peter as an inhouse (general) counsel for various companies during more than 20 years but also from substantially lower rates. SMEs are welcome to participate in the LC program either alone or jointly with other SMEs of their choice. Providing legal services – whether in English or German, domestic or international – Winkel Law is on its home turf! 

The LC program addresses the fact that most SMEs typically lack the regular legal work load which would justify hiring  in-house counsel. It also addresses the fact that specialized law firms often serve their SME clients on a low priority basis. Winkel Law’s LC program puts all SMEs on the same priority level and makes sure that all of its SME clients  receive professional, timely and affordable legal services. For more information please refer to Services